Stockholm Fashion Week

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I was recently in Stockholm showing my collection for fall/winter 2016 for shops and press. Dresses in my dress Vanja from fall 2015.


Frida my lovely employee. I couldn’t make it without her. Dressed in dress Yamil, new for spring 2016.


February 12th, 2016


Showing the collection for Martina Bonnier

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Recently I showed my collection for fall/winter 2016 for press and shops in Stockholm. I had a showroom at the very lovely hotel Story at Riddargatan 6 in Stockholm. I rented the attic this time. The meeting I look forward the most is with Martina Bonnier. I love to see what she likes and she is always so glamours. I am dressed in dress Yamil new for spring 2016 and Martina is trying on one of my new styles for fall 2016.


One of Martinas favourites for fall/winter 2016.


Martina trying another favourite from the fall winter 2016 collection.


Reading her magazine

February 11th, 2016


Linda Lindorff in my Coat

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Linda Lindorff says that my coat is this falls most beautiful one. She looks amazing in it. See more pictures at Lindas blog: www.lindalindorff.blogg.tv4 . My coat “Valborg” for fall 2015 is in a italian wool-cashmere blend quality in a very dark-blue colour. It is made in Portugal and the lining is a very soft stretch-satin lining for the very best comfort. The buttons are made in Italy in the nature material stone-nut.


November 19th, 2015


Dress for DVshop

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I am very proud to present my dress Vanna in a unique colour-combo and new length made exclusivly for Damernas Värld shop. Shop it here: . You can only buy it here! A very limited edition. The colour is black with butterflies in mustard-yellow-gold and silver-grey. Photographed on Martina Bonnier herself.




November 18th, 2015


Göteborgs Posten Två dagar

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“Hej Modegöteborg” heter reportageserien som jag medverkade i lördagens “två dagar” i Göteborgs Posten. Artikeln gjordes när jag var hemma i Göteborg senast. Jag hade träffat MQ på morgonen och visat min kollektion. Jag visste inte då men det blev senare en order som jag levererade för några dagar sedan. Fotot är taget i min lilla atelje i Mölndal.


November 17th, 2015


Martina Bonnier in my Dresses

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Beautiful Martina Bonnier in my dresses. Pictures are from her latest blogposts when she is in Hong Kong. Her style is amazing and I am in heaven every time she wears my dresses. Absolutely fantastic! See the beautiful pictures below and on her blog here


Dress Vestan in dark-blue with golden brocade in stretch.


Dress Uma in pink.


Dress Paris from spring 2014.


Dress Paris from spring 2014.

November 2nd, 2015


Malou in dress Verena

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Malou von Sivers once again in one of my dresses and here in dress Verena in dark-blue and red. Malous tv-show “Malou efter tio” is a Swedish tv-programme with current topics and interviews with artists, writers, politicians and designers. I was a very proud guest a few weeks ago. See more here



October 20th, 2015

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