New York – part one

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Maria Westerlind

Shopping in New York. My youngest sister lives in New York so I had the perfect guide. I am wearing dress Marilyn in leopard taffeta with a beige cashmere sweater and oversize jacket. It was perfect fall weather with blue sky and sun.

New York

Andrea Westerlind

My New York living sister Andrea Westerlind. Several people asked us if we where twins. Very funny for me who i seven years older. Not so funny for Andrea. It happens every time I am in New York. I love this city!

Maria Westerlind

I dressed down the taffeta dress with oversized pullover and boots during the day and it worked really well. In the evening I just changed shoes and took of the sweater and I was dressed for dinner. Perfect when you do not have time to go home and change.

New York

New York

The streets where crowded and the shops as well. It was “black friday” and almost all shops had discounts only for this weekend. It was crazy on the big streets so we went to the smaller shops on Mulberry and Elisabeth street in Tribeca in Soho. Very nice place to be and my sister also have her showroom, shop and apartment in this area.

Maria Westerlind

Tribeca in Soho.

New York

New York

The building where my sister has her apartment on Elisabeth street.

New York




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